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About Invocas Group

Originally founded in Edinburgh as a partnership in January 1998, our business quickly grew from a small single office to become one of the largest independent business recovery, debt solution and insolvency practices in Scotland.

Offices were opened in Scotland’s other major cities and, by mid 2005, it was clear that we had outgrown the traditional partnership model of professional practises.

Following a strategic review, it was decided that we should incorporate the business and seek a listing on the AIM market. This was achieved in March 2006 and, on listing, Invocas Group plc was valued at approximately £33m.

In early 2008 the onset of recession led to challenging times in the financial sector. An in June 2010 the Group made the decision to delist from AIM.

Re-evaluating our service offerings and redefining our core strategies and goals. We focused on our key strengths and aligned with changes in the regulatory environment with the introduction of the need to “Treat Customers Fairly”.

We are now well placed to grow our core offerings of service, across our subsidiary companies, which reflect the evolving needs of the broad debt sector.