Corporate Governance and Board Structure

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Our Principles of Corporate Governance

The Company is committed to high standards of corporate governance which recognise that the Board is accountable to the Company’s shareholders.

The Board fully supports the underlying principles of corporate governance contained in the Combined Code, notwithstanding that, as its securities are no longer listed on the Official List, it is not required to comply with such recommendations. It has sought to comply with the provisions of the Combined Code, insofar as is practicable and appropriate for a company of its size and nature, and recognises its overall responsibility for the Group’s systems of internal control and for monitoring their effectiveness.

The Board currently comprises of Group Chairman, two Executive Directors and two Non-Executive Directors.

The Board has designed the Group’s system of internal control in order to provide the Directors with reasonable assurance that its assets are safeguarded, that transactions are authorised and properly recorded and that material errors and irregularities are either prevented or would be detected within a timely period, recognising that no system of internal control can eliminate entirely the risk of failure to achieve business objectives or provide absolute assurance against material misstatement or loss.

Shareholders may request more information about our systems of corporate governance and constitutional documents by email to our company secretary at

Brief biographies of our Board members, which provide details of their key areas of responsibility, are available on our Key People page