How to buy and sell shares

Buying and selling shares

There is now no formal mechanism to enable our shareholders to buy or sell shares in Invocas.

Following the de-listing, a “matched bargain” facility was put in place. However, this facility was never used and it was discontinued in July 2013

For this reason, the Board decided to set up a dedicated contact facility for shareholders who wish to either buy or sell Invocas shares.

If you are interested in buying or selling Invocas shares, please email our Company Secretary

All the shareholders who have noted their interest in selling or buying Invocas shares have given their permission to be contacted. Any parties who agree a price and conclude a bargain are asked to ensure that relevant details, including the names and addresses of the contracting parties and the number of shares traded, are sent to the Company Secretary at the Company’s Registered Office without delay so that the Company’s share register can be kept up to date and revised share certificates issued as necessary.


Please send all correspondence to the the Company’s registered office:

Invocas Group PLC
6 Deer Park Avenue (GF)
Fairways Business Park
EH54 8AF