Our Approach

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Invocas Group Approach

Invocas evolved from a traditional professional services business and our ethos and core values reflect this background.

We recognise that each client has a different set of needs and we take time to listen to each unique story, to understand needs and to identify the most appropriate solution. We are not about selling products.


When dealing with individuals with debt problems we provide a sympathetic and holistic service which is not judgemental. It seeks to find the optimum solution that balances the needs and interests of the individual and their creditors and allows the individual to manage the stress and pressures of their financial obligations and achieve financial rehabilitation within a reasonable and appropriate timescale whilst ensuring the creditors receive the best return available in the circumstances.


Our outsourced services are delivered to our partners with a commitment to excellence in customer service, reporting and communication. We apply our robust internal systems and processes to deliver results in an innovative manner and, when providing outsourced financial assessment services to our partners in the debt purchase and collection markets, provide total assurance that your obligations under TCF and the requirements of the FCA are fully met.


When advising corporates in financial distress we start with a blank sheet of paper and seek to understand all the circumstances that have given rise to the current issues. Our advice is always delivered at a senior level and taps into our knowledge and experience of having built a business from start up and dealt with the challenges along the way. Our aim is always to try and find a solution that preserves as much of a business as possible. In doing this we differentiate ourselves from many of our competitors by utilising our extensive contacts in the Business Angel and alternative lending communities to source investment or turnaround funding if this is a viable option. Formal insolvency is always our least preferred option.


We always provide an initial consultation on a no cost basis so that where we can meet in person, discuss and understand the requirements and evaluate how we can help.