Our Group

Our Group

Invocas Group plc acts as a holding company for our various subsidiary entities. Our business is split into four main subsidiaries: Invocas Financial, Turn Debt Around, Aphility – The Affordability Assessment Centre and Fresh Start UK.

Invocas started as an insolvency practitioner leading to the growth of Invocas Financial. Turn Debt Around grew to focus on financial assessment and appropriate advice we were giving insolvency customers. Gathering income and expenditure information was a major part of being able to understand a customers’ circumstances. Aphility – The Affordability Assessment Centre was born to enable the consumer to have a detailed view of their own income and expenditure. Fresh Start UK, is the latest addition to our group which provides a personalised and professional Debt Management service.

Invocas Financial

Invocas Financial Ltd

company number SC287820

Invocas Financial is the insolvency subsidiary of the Group, with the expertise to help businesses and individuals overcome financial distress.

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Formal debt solutions and insolvency:

  • In England, Wales & Northern Ireland
    • Bankruptcy
    • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)
    • Debt Relief Orders
  • In Scotland
    • Protected Trust Deeds
    • Sequestration
    • Debt Arrangement Scheme

Closure of Protected Trust Deeds

Business Recovery and Insolvency Services

Informal advisory services to companies in financial distress, their directors, creditors and shareholders. These include:

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Viability reviews
  • Turnaround & restructuring
  • Fund raising
  • Dispute resolution

Formal insolvency solutions throughout the UK including:

  • Creditors’ Voluntary Arrangement
  • Administration
  • Receivership
  • Court liquidation
  • Creditors’ Voluntary liquidation
  • Members’ Voluntary Liquidation
  • Advice on solvent restructuring and winding up including striking off procedures
Turn Debt Around

TurnDebtAround Ltd

company number SC296390

Turn Debt Around provides financial assessment services to our customers. Our team of experienced debt advisers ensure that our customers are advised on the full range of debt solutions ensuring solutions recommended are right and appropriate for them. Turn debt around also provides outsourced services of PPI claims management on behalf of insolvency practitioners and third parties.

Read more at TurnDebtAround.com

Compliant Advisory Services to individuals in financial distress :

  • No obligation assessment and debt advice
  • Arrange full and final settlements

Claims management for both live and closed personal insolvency cases (PPI)

aphility red email sig

The Affordability Assessment Centre Limited

company number SC308451

Aphility – The Affordability Assessment Centre is an independent assessment and repository service, detailing customers’ financial circumstances not visible elsewhere. The service can be used by businesses, partners and consumers.  Allowing consumers and businesses full insight when deciding on future credit undertakings, helping consumers assess their current commitments.

For more, please visit AffordabilityAssessment.com

We have helped many creditors understand and meet their obligations under Treating Customers Fairly (“TCF”).

In delivering our services, our aim is to provide the highest quality of outsourced service:

  • Assessment specialist on the other end of the phone
  • We make contact with your customers and reports are sent to you
  • Repair customer relationship by demonstrating you care about their entire circumstances
  • Ensure repayments are affordable and approriate

Gain real insights to where your money goes every month.

  • Speak to a dedicated Assessment Specialist or complete online at a time convenient for you
  • Print or save your report to help you make better financial decisions, negotiate current creditor agreements and plan for the future
  • Keep up to date to ensure you stay ontop of your finances
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Fresh Start UK Debt Management Ltd

company number 06855136

Fresh Start UK offers a personalised and professional service, where helping you with your debt management plan is their primary concern. Offering  you the best service for the term of your plan.

For more, please visit FreshStartUK

Invocas Group Plc also owns 100% share capital of the following dormant, non-trading subsidiaries: Invocas Corporate Solution Limited and Invocas Financial Solutions Limited.